About Us

The GHIONs is one of the leading manufacturing, trading and service providing companies in Ethiopia. The GHIONs is reputed company it’s sister companies are engaged in many different sectors of the Ethiopian Economy.

The GHIONs prefix is proudly shared by all our sister companies as a sign of belongingness to the common company and as a label and trade mark of years of excellent services that has won the company public respect, reputation and consumer confidence.

The GHIONs is involved in many sector of the economy. Below is the list of our sister companies which are the fruits of our technically qualified, experienced , loyal , and dependable management team and workers as well as our respected customers whose requirements have been our driving force.

In order to extend it’s sphere of involvement and better serve it’s customers by introducing new products and services The GHIONs has always been actively looking forward to engage in a prospective joint venture with both local and foreign companies.

Company Moto

Tomorrow Begins Today”is our moto indicative of our ambitions that the GHIONs are not limited to satisfying the needs as they come but go beyond and generate new needs to satisfy and on and on without boundaries.

Company Objectives & Vison

The GHIONs shall extend it’s sphere of involvement and better serve it’s customers by introducing new products and services. In line with our moto and fueled by shared enthusiasm, the management has always worked hard to broaden it’s horizon of engagement and remain an active participant of the Ethiopian economy.

Future Prospects

Our company has enormous material, land and human resource and most of all good reputation. The GHIONs financial sound and well associated with financial institutions. Our company is a major shareholder in Bank of Abyssinia, and Nile Insurance. Our company has in recent years completed the following project feasibility studies:

  • exploration study of marble and granite quarry and processing plant and secured a large  concession are and mining license.

  • conducted feasibility study for a Caustic Soda Plant in conjunction with an Indian consulting firm.
Our company is always ready to engage in a mutually beneficial common venture. It is in our moto and consider it our duty to better serve our customer with new products and services. In this regard we gladly express our willingness for a joint venture in these and other prospective fields of activity and welcome any prospective company with good reputation and experience.